Interesting dynamic that separation has occurred for some on transgender acceptance within the gay community. I suppose some of that stems from transgendered people wanting to be recognized as their internal gender and not a man turning into a woman, for example. I get that this would make them straight and not technically connected to homosexuality.
I get that some want to be labeled as nothing other then their gender, and some don’t even want that label. I get it. I support you. The problem with that is this; as people come to terms with themselves later in life they seek help with coping. In order to seek help they need to be able to find like individuals who have direct experience with their situation. Their mentality, their struggle. A woman who was born a woman in all physical and mental and spiritual respects may empathize with a woman born into a mans body but will hardly be able to say she’s experienced with that emotional toll. Nor would gays for that matter. Only people who have been there done that. For this purpose, a label is demanded. Not for separation purposes, though with categories of anything judgement inevitably follows, but for purposes of identification amid peers. Your peers need to be able to find you in a crowd.
Gays and transgender people need to be there for one another not because we directly understand the other but because we are a small minority group as it is and the enemy wants us broken into smaller bite size pieces for easier destruction. If we split now our momentum for equality will be begin to splinter too, this is unacceptable on any level.
But this same mindset needs to be adopted by all peoples. Not just LGBT. LGBT needs to support #blacklivesmatter and vice versa. The same with any group who seeks justice and equal representation. 

We all become victims when those around us fall due to oppression and bigotry against any group. We all bare the burden of violence and bloodshed when we stand by as passive witnesses in our communities. This means allowing segregation, isolation, the destruction of cultures within our communities. Stand up and help. Its not up to the police or the government or your .45. Its up to your heart and creativity. Its up to all of us.

Love and love in abundance.

With Love
Jeff Utnage