Okay, Shiba, So you bought Shiba and it immediately dropped. Nobody is very comfortable right now because of it. What is supposed to happen hasn’t yet because…well…we don’t know why. So here’s why Shiba suddenly appeared everywhere:

-Robinhood announces it’s going to list Shiba-Inu at some point in the near future.
-Then, Elon Musk says it’s going to go to $1.20.
-Mass buy-in occurs,
-Shiba-Inu price doubles within 96 hours

In that process I made 5k above my buy-in, at one point it was almost 7k profit *after* my initial investment. Mass people jump out because they just had a double up. Cool, makes sense. But then, Elon Musk recants his statement saying he was just kidding, Robinhood announces that they’ll do it on “their time” and dodges any questions as to when they’ll list. Robinhood is a key factor in all of this because once it hits it will have more financial exposure and legitimacy. But them dragging their feet is making the price drop.

Once they list, it will jump again, it’s just *when* they’ll list. That’s the gamble, not if, when.

So just hang on to it. It’s risky, not gonna lie. I invested $3575 of my release money and didn’t sell when it hit $10k, now I’m down into the 5-6k territory and have lost half of my profit and I’m not gonna lie, my panties are all knotted up over it. A lot of people’s are. Now, we wait.

Then it’s sweet, like a sour patch kid. First their sour, then their sweet.

I’m gonna sell my entire shares if my total valuation hits 5k. Which, is around $.000045 USD. At that point, I’m gone. Anywhere above that, I’m in. That’s just me. That’s my threshold, my limit. You’ll have to set your own. Personally, I think long-term anyone who sells will be kicking themselves in the butt. But, we have to have cash, right?

Do what’s best for you and your situation.

With Love
Ruth Utnage