Addictions of any sort are never easy. I remember as a teen my Mother was addicted to a pretty hard drug and it changed her entire presence. But I also watched what she went through to beat that addiction. Which wasn’t easy because not only was she battling her own addiction, but it seemed as though she was battling herself and maybe even life itself. Not something I appreciated until I had to combat my own addictions.

Now here my Mother is 20 years later and you would never know she used to be a strung out meth addict unless someone told you, even then its hard to believe. But therein lies my point, healing and restoration is possible! I know for a fact.

It really doesn’t matter what the addiction or bad habit is. Nothing your doing right now in secret is something you can’t bounce back from, nothing. The feeling of overcoming yourself and beating as strong as an addiction is overwhelming and something to be proud of. Why? Because your not overcoming a substance or the thing your doing, your overcoming yourself. Your overcoming your childhood, your overcoming abuse, neglect, self-esteem and any other trauma you may have experienced.

But healing is possible if you make the right choices and take the right steps. It requires compassion on yourself and from those you surround yourself with. It requires that you clean out the lies, tell the right people you need help and then brace yourself for a difficult road. But along the way you will feel rewarded because you are not alone and the strength and courage it took to even ask for help was tremendous. 

Anyone out there struggling with addiction: You don’t have to lose everything to get out of this mess. I promise you that whatever you have done its not your lowest possible point. Promise. Show yourself some love and compassion and reach out, please. Because honestly, I know exactly what it feels like to create a victim because I was to afraid to ask for help…nothing will ever haunt you like that, I promise you. Now is the time, I love you and you have support from me. If you need to talk, as always I am here…I will never not respond!!!! Best way to contact:

Jeff Utnage 823469
Stafford Creek Correction Center
191 Constantine Way
Aberdeen, WA. 98520

No judgement, gauranteed, only love and respect and friendship…no matter what!

With Love
Jeff Utnage