Well, after 10 years of solid prison, enough Cognitive Behavior Treatment programs to dang near qualify as a professional teacher of them, 65 plus awards, certificates, and achievements, A college degree and a published piece in Criminology/Sociology I am going to present myself to the parole board.

One thing I know for sure is I’ve left nothing unturned. I have taken every piece of my life and threw it on the table for all to see and carefully, with a BUNCH of help from a BUNCH of loving people both in and out of prison and both DOC employees and not, reconstructed my life and emotional self. I have never been more mentally, spiritually, and physically healthy in my life. More importantly, I’ve never been happier about myself or my future.

Whatever happens, I’m at peace because there is nothing more I can do except be vulnerable, be myself, and keep looking to the future and loving life like crazy.

I plan to begin life again by going to college at Bellevue University and eventually transferring to Law, Societies, and Justice at the University of Washington for my undergrad. I want to work in HR as a consultant where my experience as someone formerly incarcerated and transgendered can be of use. I will do everything in my power to use my past as a force for positive.

I can’t wait. I wish I could have had this experience without having done something to hurt someone. I regret what I did, wholly, but I am so grateful I came to prison. It’s been a definite womb for me.

Here’s to new beginnings and a little love.

With Love