Scott Gallina…

Who’s Scott Gallina? I had the same question until I read his story in a friend’s newspaper and I found myself extremely pissed, but not for what would seem like obvious reasons. Scott Gallina was a Superior Court judge from Asotin County, Washington who was recently convicted on two counts after being charged with sexual assault. There were two things that infuriated me about this story: his victims were treated differently than other victims of sexual assault, of which I’ll explain, and his crimes were downgraded in a despicable way, all because of his position as a judge.

His victims were spared much of the humility of being over exposed in the media. At his plea hearing, the prosecutor told the newspaper that they weren’t allowed to talk about the details. This is NOT the treatment that all victims receive, especially adult victims. Usually, in an attempt to tell all the salacious, dirty details that it takes to sell news, the media has a knack for re-victimizing the ones seeking justice by outing all the awful things they endured. Yet, for this “judge”, his victims got a better media shield from the prosecutor than the victim of someone of a lesser societal status. Is that for their sake or for his? All victims of invasive bodily crimes like sexual assault should be so protected.

Secondly, he was facing at least two Class-A felony sexual assualts (there were more victims than charges, by the way) that carried over ten years of prison for each charge, a lifetime of community custody, and a lifetime of registration. He raped his victims while using his position to do so. Yet, somehow, he received one Class-C felony punishable with up to 27 months of prison and 10 years of registration and the other charge was pleaded out to a gross misdemeanor… unheard of for crimes of that nature, especially in a state like Washington. It just points out that people in power are certainly capable to abuse it and for the most egregious of offenses, the “good ol’ boy” network is very much alive and well…

by Rory Andes

Equal justice under the law, unless “the law” is responsible for the crime…

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