Ruth, you mentioned the writers on here have owned their past. But the truth is that one of your writers named Rory has not owned his past. I was a prisoner at TRU and I asked Rory if he was a sex offender and he told me no. This is not about trashing sex offenders. In fact I was. But I owned my crime and didn’t hide it from others. It is part of the process of becoming a better person than who we once were.
I have followed this site for a couple of months and I don’t always agree of what is being said. In fact some of the writers come across a bit narcissist, insecure, lecturing and better than thou attitudes.
This is my opinion and I have no problem with any of the writers opinion of what they write.
I just wonder if they can handle feedback such as mine that doesn’t always agree with some things written. Some things I have no opinion one way or another.
But this is my first comment and we’ll see what becomes of it.
Will it be erased or will I be banned for leaving a comment. I guess we will see.