Refugee Crisis…

It’s been 80 years since there was a refugee crisis in Europe as big as the growing one from Ukraine, only last seen during World War II. The images are horrific of the war in the streets, the families being separated at the train stations, and the interviews with Ukrainian mothers with young children that they can’t move with just yet. In the last few days there have been negotiations between Ukraine and Russia to open corridors out of the worst of the fighting to help fleeing civilians. And just as soon as the agreement goes into effect, the reports of Russian shelling on those routes come in. These are crimes. The wholesale murder of a sovereign country’s citizens is a crime. At what point does the world get involved to stop it?

The images of places like Poland and Romania accepting those refugees with open arms is amazing to see. That kind of support on the world stage is heartwarming. The outpouring of support and supplies for mothers and wives, uprooted from everything they’ve ever had and known, is the kind of support humankind needs to exhibit as a routine. It is the core of goodness. At a rate of 1.5 million refugees in 12 days putting pressure on the rest of Europe, the reason for this crisis needs to be addressed. But until the world is ready to be brave enough to face the Russian government, it looks like we’ll have to just bank on the goodness of those willing to support the refugee crisis.

by Rory Andes

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