Last week I was flipping channels and landed on a national news station, CNN, and they were talking about the problems with opening up America after the pandemic. It turns out, there’s a large portion of society that struggles to fit back into daily public life again. A trip to the grocery store is fraught with anxiety and depression. How to engage the world has grown to be a bit of a feared mystery for some. It’s enough so that there’s a new clinical term for it, “Reentry Syndrome”…

Read up on it. Learn its symptoms and mitigations. Know that this exists for the society trying to figure out life after the world shut down… and know that it’s very similar to what releasing inmates suffer. VERY similar. So as you think about your neighbor having trouble with his mental and emotional health as he works to become a part of a larger world, also think about the guy who sat for many years worth of pandemic like conditions and find a little compassion for him. After all, he’s gonna be your neighbor, too…

by Rory Andes

Reentry Syndrome isn’t exclusive to a pandemic…

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