One of the best ways to keep the traffic of the world from destroying growing, fragile plant life is to put the plants in raised flowerbeds. I’ve seen them lined along footpaths and in the middle malls and shopping centers keeping the beautiful plants from being trampled by the people needing to conduct their business. The raised beds are important to the existence of these growing, confined life forms in a space where people with agendas operate. Prison and rehabilitation should work the same way. Allow me to explain…

In the interest of security or politics, the people in prisons often get trampled by the thoughtlessness of prison practices. As it stands, absolutely nothing is being done to foster or support rehabilitation. The very few programs available are accessible by only the key select who may be court ordered to rehabilitate in prison. All others must lay on the path of politicians or administrators, getting destroyed by the act of being stepped on, when all they needed to do is raise them up and protect their growth. Help budding citizens flourish a little, you know? But until something is done to protect the act of rehabilitation, us plants often have to grow in ways that ensure our survival. Sometimes it’s ugly and we get simply classified as weeds…

by Rory Andes

Want a beautiful society? Take care of the plants.

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