Reentry, Empowerment, and Community Health is a dynamic program that I help co-facilitate. It’s very successful.

Our Vision: To be a significant force in bringing people together for building healthy, vibrant, communities through the reduction of crime and recidivism.

Our Mission: To facilitate, improve, and support all stages of release programs that prepare justice involved individuals to reenter and ultimately live successfully in their communities.

What We Do: REACH provides support to justice involved individuals inside the institution through peer advisement and assistance, sharing information, and connecting clients to resources. We work with our strategic partners and local service providers to integrate pre-release and post-release into a unified continuum of assistance. REACH has four primary components through which it provides support, information and assistance to clients:

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#Reach Action Committee
#Resource Events and Workshops
#Reach Skills Courses

What We Believe: REACH peers believe that all members, of society have a common interest in the well being of our communities. The health of communities are impacted positively of negatively depending on the successful transition of justice involved individuals. The stakeholders most affected, willing, and able should work together to make reintegration a more cohesive and effective process. REACH peer facilitators believe that we can effect a cultural change within the prison resulting in the dismantling of the ” convict code” and “us against them” narrative in all its forms.

Who We Are: REACH is a peer intervention based program at Monroe Correctional Complex/Twin Rivers Unit. We consist of currently incarcerated individuals, Department of Correction administrators and community stakeholders. Our common interest is to help maintain safe and health communities. REACH focuses on assisting justice involved individuals rebuild and live their lives upon pro social values, thinking and behaviors. We encourage our clients to take ownership of their reintegration and use of positive resiliency skills to overcome the barriers of successful transition. Our commitment is to see our clients reenter society as empowered, contributing and civically engaged members.

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