I was recently quarantined due to no fault of my own, along with many others (what’s the point of wearing PPE if we get quarantined anyway?), and we were fed expired Frito’s Corn Chips. In fact, the bag expired February 11, 2020, 9 months ago.

It’s not the chips that bothers me, keep the damned things for all I care, it’s the point. It’s the situation. It’s the unpreparedness that the state is exhibiting that bothers me, it’s the focus on safety and forgetting that humans are residing here, not animals. We can read simple things like “Best By” dates and also understand that nobody cared enough to check if the food they’re feeding us is even safe to eat using basic metrics like expiration dates.

Why bother quarantining anyone if you aren’t even worried about their health? Expired food can kill. So what’s the difference…

With Love