Prison Mathematics Project: Fundraising to change lives


The Prison Mathematics Project (PMP) is an international 501(c)(3) organization. The PMP helps individuals who have an interest in mathematics and/or computer science by connecting them to mentorship with real educators and mathematicians. These mentorships serve as a first link towards a restructuring of one’s lifestyle to fit around their interests in higher education. These mentorships not only help them through their conceptual snags, but they teach about culture and the community of mathematics. It is because of this that we hold our participants to a higher of standard of behavior.

The PMP changed my life forever. When I was incarcerated the mentorship they connected me to enabled me to pursue higher education in a way that the prison system was not able. When I spoke about goals to be in higher academics the prison did what they could to encourage me but it was always a goal to pursue “upon release”. Because of the PMP I was able to publish new academic work in criminology while I was still inside prison and give back to the community.


“Because of the PMP I was able to publish new academic work in criminology while I was still inside prison and give back to the community.”


I encourage everyone to donate to this organization. The PMP is currently expanding and needs support. I am asking you to donate a modest monthly contribution to help change the lives of those inside and out.


You can donate in multiple ways:

Text PMP to 44321 and follow the link:


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