I was watching a movie with Sandra Bullock, in it she had her hair a certain way. Mainly, a ponytail with a little bangs parted off of one side, neatly tucked behind each ear. I have hair that is about as long and bangs that are similar. What’s the point here…

The point is she looked comfortable, natural, and pretty. Which emitted this air of confidence. Never once while watching her did it ever cross my mind that she was seeking attention. I wanted to feel comfortable and confident too. So I did my hair similarly.

The result was not what I expected at all. I didn’t feel comfortable and confident. I felt self-conscious. I looked in the mirror and my first thought was “I like this, I feel pretty.” My second thought was “I cannot leave it like this because people will get all judgmental on me, they will think I’m seeking their attention.”

I do not see why I can’t be pretty. Not handsome, pretty. I want to be beautiful, elegant, smart. Only one problem, men aren’t pretty. Not where I am, not where I am from. Only women are pretty. Well, I am not a women, nor do I want to be a women; however, I do want to be pretty. Which seems to be at odds with everyone around me.

I want to look good because feeling pretty always makes me feel confidence. Confidence helps me accomplish my goals. Who doesn’t want to do that?

It is the exact same thing for women who dress to feel sexy. They aren’t doing it so that they get a thousand pairs of eyes undressing them, or to seek attention. It is being done because feeling pretty and sexy is synonymous with feeling confident. It is hard to feel confident when you feel ugly.

For all of you out there, male or female (or those of us in between), be pretty. We all deserve to feel pretty and sexy, society will just have to adjust to us; because I am sick and tired of adjusting to them. We shouldn’t have to, so we won’t. Instead, I propose we be pretty together.

With Love
Jeff Utnage