Death song of my heart
You walk within the temple of my flesh.
Your Eyes like lyrics to a song sung by lovers lips.
Moving so smoothly to the rhythm of my breath.
I would scar my face for just one caress,
hold you in my arms even if it meant my death.
I die for you a little every day,
my pulse sweeping me away like a river of the sweetest suffering.
Your arms around me the only reality I’ve ever found comfort in.
In the flame of this love I have burned myself to ash,
your fingers trailing through my remains stirring me back to life,
sifting through powdered bone like grains of sand.
You are the best part of me,
the beat within the heart of me.
Even the pain of this love is beautiful.
like the death song of a dying heart hauntingly sung.
Darling angel,you I love, now until my life is done,
and when I die,
your name shall be my death song sung.
rising defiant from lungs that breathed for you,
collecting air for the crafting of you name.
lips moving for the shaping of the same.
yeah, darling angel, you I love.