Being out and proud is our right as human beings. Its not an American thing or a cultural thing. We were created this way and we should be proud were unique. Being proud of who you are shouldn’t be stifled.
By being out were not “shoving” anything down anyone’s throat. I irks me when I hear someone say “I stopped watching the show last night because they just had to throw a gay in there, do they have to put them everywhere?” Then they proceed to exclaim how Hollywood is pushing the gay agenda and oversaturating the public for acceptance. I beg to differ. They portraying life. If it wasn’t realistic then you wouldn’t work with someone who is LGBT or live in the same place as one.
Here’s the joyous part of being out, were able to do everything! We have no limits and when were out and people know who we are then it gives them opportunity to strike a conversation. This leads to the discovery of similarities.
We should be shameless in who we are. Don’t dilute your personality for the bigotry of someone else. We are wonderfully crafted human beings and God made us so intentionally.
Were not mistakes
Were not cursed
We were not meant to be stifled by the hatred or intolerance of another.
So be excited about life. When the bad and hurtful things come your way don’t allow them to steal the joy of the wonderful. Pain happens sweetie, but that’s why you have God and other Out N Proud family like me and those around you. So that you can be reminded that its seasonal.

With Love
Jeff Utnage

PS. when you do encounter hate, glitter them. Poof! You’ve been glitter bombed!