Not since I first read the writings of Emma Goldman, like in “Anarchism and Other Essays”, have I been so moved in the wake of an other’s words. As I find myself now moved by Patrisse Cullors in “Policing The Planet: Why The Policing Crisis Led To Black Lives Matter”.

As I child I was taken by the state to be raised in a “safe” environment. After years of abuse, isolation, and physical as well as chemical restraint my self-esteem was crippled.

By the time I had run away, in preference of living homeless and hungry to being smothered beneath the jack-boot of state authority, I was a hateful, distrusting, crime-spree waiting to happen.

This is a common story written in the lives of children raised by the “all wise” state. An entity whose authority is born from racism and the marketing of despair in all its forms. The corrupting influence of this evil empire is monumental.

Growing up in state care I often noticed how many more black and brown children there were than whites. I now know that it is because these children are statistically far more likely to be removed from their homes than their white counterparts who may be living in the same or worse conditions. Just as they are far more likely to be shot down in the street, the very color of their skin having become a criminal offense.

These and other realities have often caused me to ask why do we even need the state? and Why do we pursue dialogue with those who represent state interests? What point is there in seeking dialogue with a machine which is incapable of speaking our language? For our language is truth, and this system cannot exist side by side with the truth, nor can it allow truth to prosper among those it seeks to dis-empower and exploit.

The state is despair incarnate. It is enslavement finding form in the mechanized gears for a tyrannical system.

Why am I certain it cannot be trusted or reasoned with?

Because it has systematically, indeed, it has unionized non-accountability for itself and its cries while inflicting over-accountability on others. It makes its very living off the victimization of the community as it seeks to create the perpetuation of crime.

When it stands up and declares the truth about itself, taking accountability for its murders, rapes, and thefts for its corrupt practises of systematized racism, sexism, classicism, for its devaluation of the feminine and the LGBT. Then, and only then, will I hold in my heart something besides hatred and contempt for it and those who seek its prosperity.

This vile and toxic is fueled by our compromise, there must be no compromise. Let our speech be for those with the capacity to listen. The state is deaf and unworthy of our breath.