Oooooooooh yeeeeeaaah, Defy Ventures started tonight. We had somewhere around seventy hungry EIT (Entrepreneurs in Training) show up. Our sponsors welcomed us with a kind smile and a firm handshake. They are wonderfully unique, fun, friendly, and their message was clear. They are here to support us, help us tap into our full potential, and give us the opportunity to embark on the greatest journey of our life. Heck yeah. What a energy packed night. And, when Leo (our main sponsor) tells us to congratulate or cheer for someone…you better burst out with mega clap/cheer power! This is where I thrive, I mean it, this is my arena baby.

So, for the next ten months, every Wednesday night from 5:50-8:30 P.M. and every other Saturday morning from 8:30-10:30 A.M I’ll be fully jacked, ready to work and bloom into the CEO of my new life.

Team Limitless,
Marshall Byers

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