I saw a news story that showed outrage over OJ Simpson’s social media posting of him getting his Covid vaccine. By all definitions, he IS the prime demographic according to the current healthcare standards. He’s elderly, he’s of color, and truth be told, between years of football and prison, I can guarantee his body isn’t in peek performance. Perhaps it’s even downright compromised. But, most haters in regards to this story took issue with that last part… Prison. OJ was in prison and released, and according to the people who find the vaccine in the same thread as any other coveted substance, he is wholly undeserving to have his health protected before others.

But is he? As someone who has paid his established price for the crimes he was convicted of committing, I’d argue that he’s put himself back on an even playing field with other senior citizens, especially those of color, who are eligible for the Covid vaccine. If you feel differently than this, then I would also argue that you must feel there is no need for law and justice. The government acts on behalf of the citizens when adjudicating crimes. Either you trust them to do that or you don’t, but any way you slice it, that’s their job… only their job… regardless of how much some chickenshit social media troll wants to kill OJ without having blood on his hands. To start a firestorm over a black, elderly man getting his vaccine seems to be… dare I say… even a bit racist. Good luck, OJ, and stay healthy (just like everyone else deserves to).

by Rory Andes

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