He’s the happiest guy in prison today. This job is the best thing he’s ever had and he likes the money. His family respects him for doing a tough job in a scary place. He’s respected by his peers for being a quick learner. He’s a “Teamsters” teamster. No need to mandate overtime for him, because he’ll be the pal of the crowd and cover anyone’s shift. You want him to cover the Covid isolation unit? You bet! He’s on it! He’s got brass balls and has his sights set on being sergeant one day. He’ll do the worst job with the best attitude…

Then he goes back to his assigned post immediately after and risks dragging the Coronavirus across the vulnerable population. His happy go lucky, can-do demeanor is ground zero for transplanting the virus from those that are infected to those that aren’t. In his mind, he’s just doing his job, doing his part. To the incarcerated, he’s walking past them with a gun in his hand and the safety off, an accident of lethal consequence waiting to happen. Being eager to please and a team player may very well be a death sentence to an aging prison population with no way to escape Officer Johnny Virus-seed. It’s happening everyday, even when they say it isn’t. Support Johnny’s ambition, but keep his ass away from me…

by Rory Andes

We are on edge and observing everything…

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