What if I fought like a King
Raise an army, just for you
Conquer the world
Take on galactic star fighters and
Western gunslingers,
Dethrone our heroes.

What next my love?
I thought I would never love again
Never utter the words I Love You and mean them
Yet here you are
The conquistador of my heart
…chain around my neck.

It is not another kingdom who shall defeat this throne
No, I have conquered all my demons
I have them chained and tattooed on my back where they live in subjection
It is not another King whom I shall fear
But my Queen
For if the King is the face and skull and eyes and tongue
Then the Queen is the mind

Tomorrow we shall fret about such details
Tonight let us relish in our victories
Because the battle was hard won in the flesh
Yet it is the mind who directs the flesh.

Of Queens like Kings there are more who subjugate the flesh than the mind
So while my Queen, my love, is deadly to the flesh
She is life to my mind
And for that…
Freedom, at last.

By Jeff “Jeffebelle” Utnage