• The evening before Thanksgiving, our prison was put on a complete lockdown over Covid. It seems that in the last 48hrs, we’ve had roughly 60 cases (out of 800) and climbing. They said another round of testing is to ensue on Monday and there’s no doubt more will be added to the positive list. It’s not like things like this don’t happen in society. I understand that we all must deal with the agony of a pandemic in some way, but prison has an added layer of debilitating filth we endure.

    Those that have become positive have been sent out to an isolation area, kept seperated, told not to talk and not given any information. We know this because family members can’t currently make ready contact with their loved ones. Those that remain are given very little info also. Guys like me just wait to see if I get a guard at my door waiting to make my day a whole loss worse by whisking me off to isolation. No one faults the things that come with the management of a pandemic, it’s the stance of being “punished” for being in a prison during an outbreak that is pissing people off. If prisons ever treat people like animals, they do it in the name of safety and security, and a pandemic is no different. Instead of a bedside manner that you might receive, we get the “shut up and get in your crate” that comes with being a little more dehumanized than on an average day in prison.

    We’ll get through it. We always do. Some lose a bit of themselves in the process sometimes, but it’s ok… we’re just animals, right? It just sucks that Thanksgiving this year come with a little less cranberry and gravy and a lot more bullshit…

    by Rory Andes

    Hug your loved ones tight this holiday season…

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