Ever said that to yourself? I know that I have. It is sort of saying “don’t bother competing to shame me, I’m better at it then you are.” Sort of beating them to the punch. 

I have never associated that mentality with low self esteem until I began my transformation. Now I recognize it for what it is, beating yourself up.

Let me ask you a serious question. Would you physically assault yourself because you made a mistake? If your answer is no, and I hope it is, then why would you assault yourself psychologically? It makes just as much sense. 
We all make mistakes, clearly. They are important tools for educating ourselves and those willing to hear your testimonial. You learn from your mistakes, you do not cause yourself more unnecessary damage to deal with. 

I do not know where this originates from. I do know that you can change it starting now. What good does beating yourself up do besides pacify someone else’s desire to shame you? If you are ashamed outwardly then what benefit is this to you. Now you have your mistake to clean up and your emotion too. The only one who gets satisfaction is the one who did not make the mistake or the one who seeks vengeance. Then let us be honest here, is you being so depressed over your mistake really providing them comfort? Is it undoing what was done? Is it this magic formula that suddenly makes it OK? No! Its a false sense of remorse that is not helping them at all. The most good you can do after making any size mistake is to correct the issue and help others to avoid the same pitfalls. You do your best to eliminate another needless victim. No matter the transgression.

We have many, many messes to clean up and you are wasting time if your feeling sorry for yourself. You have work to do. If you would look up for a few minutes you would see there is a whole world doing the same thing you are.

With Love

Jeff Utnage