I can’t believe it! OK, if hearing of my favorite trussel to jump off was torn down wasn’t enough, I just found out The Jesmers filled in their pool. That’s it, there’s no reason for me to leave prison! OK, I lied. I take it back. As long as there are dirt bikes…and women out there I’ll come home:-)

Yeah, I’m bummed that The Jesmers backfilled their pool, but all their four legged pal’s make up for it I guess. I can’t wait to meet Chill Cheese Dog, Wookie, Callie and their son Mattie, the mini Lamancha goats. Oh yeah, let’s not forget Cowgirl the prancing mini horse, along with her two long eared buddies, Hobbie and Teddy the dashing donkey’s!

By the way, if there is ever a more fun love’n, birt bike ride’n, big hearted caring compassionate family that thrives in adventure, generosity, hospitality, humor, acceptance and vibrant friendship I’ve yet to met them!

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