I rise a child of the morning.
I Read the Good Book,
It’s how I begin each day.

Yesterday appears,
We talk for a short time.
She reminds me of my fears.

I tell her I am walking on,
I have to much to do.
I really must be going.

She reminds me what I have done,
I close my eyes in shame,
This is how I start each day.

I welcome the Future.
We dream together freely!
He washes away my shame.

“Open your eyes fair child,
This road of Mine, goes on for miles.”
He smiles on me sweetly.

The morning sun bathes me in light.
Cleanses my thought obesity
I wonder, “where is today?”

Today eludes me,
So rarely do I find it.
So many have found Today.

I live in fear of Yesterday,
I dream in vivid color for Tomorrow,
What shall I do with Today?

I am a child of the Morning,
I have to remind myself.
My Future is not yet known.

I learn from my past,
I hope for my future,
I work for it today.

There is much to be done
O child of the Morning.
Come back into the now.

With Love
Jeff Utnage