I was watching CNBC this morning (December 1st, 2020) and they talked about NASDAQ (the stock listing platform) is considering requiring their listed companies to diversify their Board of Directors or disclose why they cannot/will not to potential investors or face delisting. What this looks like in practice is now the companies must have at least 1 woman and 1 minority underrepresented person on their board.

Here’s my personal take on this, in short I think its a great thing, but not for reasons one might think. I think it’s sad that a third party such as NASDAQ must mandate such basic things as equal opportunity. However, I think it’s good that someone stepped up. The main reason I like this move is because it is going to force the usual white, hetero, patriarchal, rich white community to see opportunity in people who don’t look like them or frequent the same social spaces as them.

I love it.

I have learned that quiet gems are in the most unsuspecting places. Lying quietly doing something that is feeding their morality instead of seeking the favor of the usual white, hetero, patriarchal, rich white community hoping to be seen as equal enough to be considered. I like that we are one step closer in this one not-so-small way.

With Love