It was very rejuvenating to look up an see your beautiful faces tonight while waiting to enter my new class. Gosh, I reaaaallllly miss you all. Although my super powers are almost complete, It pains my heart that I can’t be at three places at one time. How the heck are ya! Non-Violent Communications has lead me to still waters, and improved my self-love to point of true happiness. You all have contributed great value and love to my life. Thannnnk you. I carry my Human Needs/Values/Feelings with me everywhere.

So look, I’ll be seeing you every Wednesday night while I’m waiting in line! That meets my need for connection, support, familiarity, gratitude, aliveness and to be seen/heard, but mostly belonging. Hey, I seriously received your love tonight. It was like drinking from a fire hose!

Ton’s of love,
Marshall Byers

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