Monosodium Glutamate…

I recently saw a fascinating, myth-busting program on the history of Monosodium Glutamate, or MSG, the highly contested food additive that has been publicly scorned for decades. It was truly eye opening in its origin and bad press. So what is MSG? In 1908, an Asian chemist was trying to capture the specific flavor that is the heart of meat and poultry broth. He had described the flavor as the “fifth taste”. He combined a sodium molecule (monosodium) to a protein molecule (glutamate) and it became a favorite seasoning in most Asian eateries. Everyone from top Asian chefs to Buddhist Monks used MSG to season dishes with. It made its way into most Chinese restaurants in America. Then one day in 1968, things took a turn for the worst for MSG. A doctor had written a single paper citing MSG as the source of the heart palpitations that he experienced after eating Chinese food. One doctor with one paper. Today, we would say that his post went viral and he got MSG cancelled.

Today, not having MSG as a food additive has become a feature of the food industry. It appeals to those who crusade about “all natural” food items. Some have said that if they’ve eaten food containing MSG, they get headaches, however no scientific findings have ever proven such a thing. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration has conducted extensive studies on MSG spanning fifty years and their findings have concluded that there is absolutely no harm in MSG. None. This tasty addition to food has been proven to clear its name with science. Monosodium Glutamate occurs naturally in food items and is even produced within the human body. Foods like tomatoes and green tea naturally contain it. So, next time you want to put some great flavor in your food, feel free to tap into an Asian favorite and doctor your dish with MSG. And steer clear of one person’s half-assed opinion of what’s good for you. You might just be missing out on a piece of something amazing… kinda like chatting with an inmate. 🙂

by Rory Andes

I believe MSG is good. Aspartame on the other hand, maybe not so much…

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