Rebecca is among the most unaccepted transgendered people in prison that I know. She began her transition long after she began balding. Her reputation as a hot head and for being a bit…loose…precedes her everywhere. This makes her repugnant to many, but not to me, it makes her brave.

Here is this bald-headed woman with missing teeth and an attitude that is deserved and well-defined. In the face of hatred and being called an old creep, in the shadow of other girls who are “more passable”, she stands on her own two feet. She stands on the foundation that women long before us built. Foundations where giants stood and proclaimed the words of freedom to the world in the face of the world and demanded to be respected.

That’s Rebecca. Who’s only flaw is liking men half her age, which, let’s not get it twisted is still men in their 30’s. And if a 60 something transgendered woman can still pull a gent in his 30’s, God bless that sister because she’s doing something right.

I have mad respect for Rebecca because she truly embodies the tenacity of the transgendered population and the courage it takes to live in your own truth. Whether that truth is to follow your own faith versus your parents or cultures or whether that’s to do the right thing when it seems that nobody else wants to, we can all identify with Rebecca.

With Love