The tragic death of Gabby Petito has touched millions of American homes. The loss of this beautiful girl is a loss that I’m sure is unbearable for her family. Their misery in the course of seeking answers has ended in just more questions. She was killed at the hands of another and now her family has to do the unthinkable and bury a child. So unnecessary. So very sad and tragic…

In walks an opportunity for John Walsh. Early on as they were looking for the person of interest in her death, Brian Laundrie, there were so many questions that news outlets had. The initial facts came from the Laundrie family and police that Brian was in a nature preserve not far from their home in Florida. But Misery Pimp John Walsh found a platform in the unanswered questions. When there was a lack of facts, this man found a space to invent them. I heard him create speculation on national news that Brian Laundrie “was a narcissist and evil” and “has to be on the run”. “I’m sure he headed to Mexico,” Walsh speculated. John Walsh wasn’t a detective assigned to the case. John Walsh isn’t a trained criminal profiler with access to the case. John Walsh found an opportunity in the heartbreak and loss of Gabby to make some fame for himself. He’s a despicable Misery Pimp. His pockets get lined when families like Petito’s suffer tragedy beyond belief. And he’s not alone…

The true damage these pimps cause is one of the reasons meaningful justice can’t be had in our country. It becomes emotional and subjective. If all criminal pursuits are allowed a space for emotionally explosive speculation by those not involved with the case, I assure you actual justice will be forever elusive. Law enforcement operates on facts. They have to. It’s the objective information that brings real justice to the forefront. But for guys like John Walsh, the facts are boring and don’t invigorate a decent payday. And if he can speculate the country into perpetual fear, he’ll always have an income. A shattered, hurting family is just what that Misery Pimp wants.

by Rory Andes

I’ve said it before, crime isn’t entertainment…

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