I’m reading a book right now that my friend Christopher gave me called “Mathematics: through the eyes of faith” by James Bradley and Russell Howell. It’s not my usual read but it certainly has my attention because it sparks my imagination. For instance, did the Creator create mathematics or did the Creator use mathematics (as in mathematics existed before the Creator)?

While the answer isn’t all that important I must say that my brain is still interacting with the subject. I’m interested. That’s incredible to me because right now I’m not thinking about how “hard” or scary” math is. Yet, it’s still on my mind.

I really like the idea of creating a mathematical safe space for me to explore the concepts of math without any expectations or consequences. My taxes or grades don’t suffer because I’m wrong. I get to have fun.

I need more of this. What if other bodies of knowledge were just as easy to interact with?

With Love