This weekend, Marshall stopped by like he often does to say hello. As an afterthought he asked if I had any paper towels. I unrolled the roll of perforated towels and handed Marshall a big bundle, in case he needed more than he thought. He went off on his way and told me he was cooking a little and needed the towels for some burritos he was making…. Cool!

After a few hours he reemerged at my door with a tortilla bag that had some sort of weighted substance (not just tortillas) and said, “Here you go! You have to heat them up for thirty seconds.”
“What is it?” I said…
“Breakfast Burritos… In the afternoon! Don’t worry about how they’re wrapped, though. I’m not very good at it.”

I had just eaten lunch, so the bag was set aside for a while. It was a great snack for later. As later came and I had a little room for them, I decided to eat these burritos. As I opened the bag, rice went everywhere… All inside the bag, all over the counter, everywhere. I pulled the burritos out and they were loosely held in place by the paper towels, now soaked in some sort of greasy substance that I later determined was pepperoni. I place these burritos in a bowl and tucked the towel together to try and minimize the mess that was happening. I went to the microwave and did as instructed. As I pulled them out, I could now smell the magic happening inside these abominations of tortilla wrapping. Holding one together with only the paper towel, I took a bite. Rice and cheese were the first flavors. Then a bigger bite and then the real beauty in these burritos hit my pallet. It was more cheese, egg, pepperoni, black olives and so much more! Marshall made THE BEST tasting, worst looking breakfast burritos I’ve ever had.

Later I asked him about the ingredients and to get his recipe. He explained his apologies to me about how it was wrapped and that he didn’t warm the tortillas, etc, etc, etc. He said after 15 years of making prison burritos, he still has no idea how to wrap one. The flavors he put together were amazing and I was so grateful for his thoughtfulness. But when he gets out, can someone please teach this guy how to wrap a frickin burrito??

by Rory Andes

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