Last week we lost one of our fellow writers to freedom! Marshall released after 15 years and I already miss him. But it’s perfect! His beautiful family gets to enjoy an amazingly different person, full of life, joy and direction. While we learn to do without his energy and terminally sunny disposition, I can only imagine how awesome it is that the world gets to know the guy we did. He’ll have his struggles, though… The struggle to bring so many up to his level of positive energy. But, if anyone can smash out life in all the best of ways, Marshall can…

Congratulations to my dear friend and his family. He’s our pathfinder in success and motivation and those of us still here are waiting our turn at the starting gate, waiting on our dirt bikes like Marshall would! So, world, enjoy him and take care of him. He’s an amazingly special person you can learn so much from…

by Rory Andes

There is absolute joy in seeing those who rehabilitate…

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