Since HumanMe’s inception we have had 3 of our writer’s release and successfully integrate into our communities. I’d like to point out that all 3 are doing very well. Our most recent is Marshall Byers. Marshall is beloved here in prison because he was so out of place. He quite literally didn’t belong. That’s what people love about him so much, he represents what so many want, hope.

Yesterday he went home in his yellow light up shoes and his new white pick up with his new dirt bike in the back. We here at HumanMe are so proud of him and the impacts he has made and the impacts yet to come.

We stand by our commitment to the community-at-large that our writers are changed individuals who make seriously positive impacts on the world. They are successful, truly rehabilitated, and vetted by fellow prisoners as individuals who want to be better and put that into action.

If you haven’t met Mr. Byers (Marshall), Ms. Permenter(Renee) or Mr. Clark(Q) my wish is that one day soon you will be lucky enough to meet them. We sure were.

If you happen to come across a tall, skinny, super-tanned platinum haired man screaming “Heck Yeeaahhhh!”, he’s not crazy, he’s Marshall Byers.

To support Mr. Byers in some way, please contact for details.

With Love
Ruth Utnage