Sometimes I feel like a really little light in the dark, like a tiny tea candle being shielded from hurricane winds by God’s hand. It feels like I am not bright enough.

But I am not the only light. I look around and see that all my friends are lights too, together we fight the darkness. Together we brighten this place, we do so with pride.

As lights we are not LGBT or Allies, Christian or Atheist, Republican or Democrat. We are lights. Our job is important, we are used to illuminate the beauty in others, in creation. That’s what brings about so much pride, I get to find beauty in everything.

I choose to find other lights, like Marshall, James, Rory, and Christopher. All of whom I am honored to share this space with because each one of these men are a lighthouse, a beacon of hope to anyone who sees them.

All of us are open books who refuse to propel negativity and violence, refuse to let life get us down, refusing to remain stagnate. Instead we choose to transcend the standard and create our own, we choose love, we choose to be lights.

I hope that doesn’t sound cheesy, love. Because believe me, we chose it. In fact, I have a challenge for you. If any of you ever get into a place where you feel lonely, unheard, isolated or unloved…I promise you we will recharge your self-esteem, your batteries.

Everyone who writes here has been handpicked and screened by one another, we discuss our commitment prior to allowing anyone to be apart of this project ( or our upcoming project The main criteria is that we have legitimately reformed and rehabilitated ourselves, something that is impossible to fake around each other (we know exactly who’s coming back to prison!) and we have a heart to serve the community, not on a surface level, but actually have a heart for it. We screen one another to assure that we are transcending this place, prison, that we are shaping it for the better instead of it shaping us for the worse.

Now we can help our community and one giant thing we can do is be a serious source of love. Something we have in abundance and we are so ready to make new friends, have new experiences, explore other cultures and points of view.

I cannot wait to hear from you.

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With Love
Jeff aka Ruth Utnage