Life’s Hardships…

When it come to the hardships of life, it helps to keep things in perspective. I heard a joke a while ago that makes me laugh. Here we go…

A woman sits down on the end of a park bench and sees a disheveled man sitting on the other end of the bench. The man had both that “thousand yard stare”, yet somehow also looks very anxious. The woman clearly sees this man is a mental and emotional mess. Concerned, she asked him, “Excuse me. Are you ok?”
“No lady, I’m pretty far from ok. Life just got real difficult.”
“Oh, I’m sorry… Might I ask how?” she said.
“I lost everything. Everything!” he exclaimed desperately.
“Oh my! Like what?!” she asked, matching his intensity.
“I lost my maid, my chauffeur, my butler, my chef, a dietician, my personal assistant, the guy who makes my daily schedule, my therapist, my doctor AND my dentist, my gym membership, I have no idea where today’s meal will come from and I have even less of an idea where I’m going to sleep tonight!!” he said on the edge of tears.
“You poor thing! Did you go broke? Have you lost all your money?” she asked.
“No lady. I just got let out of prison this morning.”

Of course, there is a bunch of truth mixed with tragedy in this joke. To me, it speaks to the reality that prison doesn’t prepare people for living among the free world, and some inmates blindly take advantage of the culture that prison has offered them. To me, the joke is funny, but it also provides a great lesson that folks need to prepare for the world beyond prison. It helps to keep perspectives.

by Rory Andes

Tough lessons in life come best packaged in the form of jokes…

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