The politics that surround LGBT people and discrimination are broadly distributed throughout our divided community. Race, gender, religion, immigration status, feminism, birth assignment, and the more recent elitism being pushed by the homosexual community are all pieces to the puzzle of full equality.

People in my life have educated me that the causes of my personal plights also affect Muslims, people of color, immigrants, and multinational abuse. Because I haven’t asked permission I will leave their identities to them, but, let’s say I’ve been doing a whole lot of self-evolving as a result.

White privilege also applies to LGBT people. We have our little community and believe that it is this Utopian society that should attract LGBT people like a Mecca. But in reality, places like Seattle’s Capital Hill may be perfect, if your white and gay and perhaps it paints a target on you if your black and trans.

Because one small faction of us has a disillusioned sense of equality because the government has cleverly corralled them into their own areas, they believe that the fight of others is invalid.

We still have a ton of work left to do. So long as there us separatism, elitism, class ism and racism in any community in any group we are ALL in danger. Hatred knows no boundaries. It is a virus that doesn’t care who its host is. When one food source runs out it switches to another. If LGBT achieve full equality and our government allows the hatred of immigrants, hatred will creep right back into our lives. Superiority is a disease.

Our fight isn’t solely about LGBT rights, its about human rights.

There is no equality until there is all equality. So reach out to other organizations, if you need help identifying where to go, hit me up, I can help.

With Love
Jeff “Jeffebelle”