Second winds come in many different forms. Sometimes they come in races, fights, or even personal battles. I love it when I think that I have nothing left to give and just a little more comes from my depths and I come out the winner of my little battle. 

My most recent battle was a head cold. I had a workshop to go teach to a bunch of dudes that did not want to learn anything from the likes of me. Especially with red puffy sinuses and a nose that is leaking like a broken water hose. But with my little fever I went anyway and it just so happened that right before we started my sinuses gave me a break, my throat wasn’t dry and my energy returned.

By the end of it I was so glad that I was given the strength to carry on in these little situations. Because it is days like today that remind you in the future just what your made of. 

Strength is not specific to LGBT people but we sure as heck make it look good. I have to say that for a guy who is dripping snot everywhere, I make this shit look good…

Looking forward to my next challenge because I am gonna knock that one out of the park too.

With Love

Jeff Utnage