Most who are LGBT know this is all to true. When it comes to employment, sports, friends even. We know what it means for someone to have a preconceived idea about us. Maybe not all of us have fashion sense, we don’t all fall out of the womb with our dancing shoes on.

But are we judging one another? Not every gay man is a good friend, or sober enough to drive you home. Some are bitchy or angry. Some are to friendly and like them too young. But not all of them.

We need to remember that people change. Epiphanies happen, trials happen. So when someone makes a change in their lives and humbles themselves enough to make it known to you, maybe hear them out. Maybe.

Unlikely allies come from unlikely situations, you know. 

Our preconceptions of one another jade our thinking. Like a Christian who says he has a message from God just for you. Then you look it up and its a condemnation, it wasn’t a message from God but his own preconceived idea of you. (I use that because it happened to me today…sucks because even though I’m upset with God, I still love Him and know He loves me)

Be kind ya’ll. Give me a chance to be kind to you. Maybe I’m even boyfriend material? You never know.

With Love
Jeff Utnage