James Cody Goodwin is an artist and poet. He is a recent convert to the idea that mathematics is beautiful and fun. He is an enthusiastic participant in the university of Washington book club at TRU MCC, and dreams of someday becoming a U.W. student himself.

James finds value in positive and open-minded individuals and is drawn to those who just don’t seem to fit into labels, boxes, or the categories imposed by others. If he was a student at Hogwarts he would be a raven claw, his best friend would be Luna.

James dislikes bullies and hypocrisy. He loves cheese cake, Kettle bells and all things nerdy.

James believes in the power of positivity, that helping others is the best way to help one’s self and that punk is in fact not dead.

The average day in the life of James starts with gratitude for another day then goes on to include activities such as working out religiously, reading avidly, drawing while listening to music, practicing math while listening to music, socializing with some of the best people on the planet (Ruth, Marshall, U.W. book club, etc..) and making delicious treats such as cheese cake and no bake cookies for his friends.

Not all days are good days, sometimes anger is present, other times despair, James is human after all.
That , my anonymous friends, is James in a nutshell.

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In solidarity,
James Cody Goodwin

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