Two groups meet at a significant location to defend the honor of one of two political figures. Prepared to fight for that one individuals spoken word and the promise of action.

I can see it now, civil war all over again. Our country is on the verge of a second civil war and the battleground is once again our backyards where our children will be steeped in the boiling waters of bloodshed.

I urge you to think about what will be fought for. Is it the man or the mans ideals? Can we not see that both scenarios are manufactured by mere men. At this point we have betrayed our Creators or if you believe we came from evolution we have betrayed basic science by fighting for the words of mere men. Our very cores have been overturned the second we entertain the exaltation of one human being over another and deemed them so worthy of the sacrifice of our lives. What kind of madness overtakes our psyches that we would even give voice to such thoughts. Sacrificing our lives or the lives of our children to exalt a single man.

Exalt not some man but our kindred spirits into the wake of destruction that has left us all seeking stability. Let us calm the waters of tumult not by election or through another man’s ideals but through our own actions.

We can never be led by a human. We have hearts and brains and breath and none of these things can be created by man. Not one. We cannot recreate ourselves and let us not lead or control what we cannot understand let alone create! What lunacy overtakes us to think such foolish notions!

Let us heal one another in these new waters. Let us all dip into the pool of calm and let ourselves be cleansed of the mire that we have all been spackled with. Let us not think in terms of Republican or Democrat, Race, Trump or Biden, Man or Woman but in terms of “will this end in the love I want to receive?”.

Brothers and Sisters, I will go first, I love you and I will treat you with kindness and heart. I have harmed others. I have been the evil of which I ask to shed. I vowed to love. To do no harm. To never take autonomy from another human being. To never victimize others or, indeed, myself. To these core beliefs I hold true.

I urge you to spread a new message. It doesn’t have to be this one, but let not silence be the cleanser of your conscious.

With Love
Ruth Utnage