I think about ways I could influence change. I believe wholeheartedly in the ability of mankind to self-correct. Nothing is “too far gone”. Crime in America seems to be an impossible topic to address so our community has simply stopped talking about it. Let’s change that.

Correction departments all over the country are afraid to invest legislative funding into progressive rehabilitation programs that would create reformed community leaders armed with new skill sets to teach the next generation and directly impact America’s crime rate and general community acceptance. Ideas like this are waived away like gnats in an open air market where, apparently, rehabilitation is not a topic taken seriously.

How do we change this dynamic? You. You are the key to change. Just talk. Open your mouth and speak words of…anything. As a community you are silent and the few that do speak about crime are loud, wailing in their pain and devastated states, which drowns out the few who are thinking about how to fix the problem as opposed to winning the political lottery at the expense of victimization.

Be vocal, have conversations. I challenge you to write me, let’s have a conversation on effecting change, hell, at this point we can talk about kittens but for Gods sakes, speak.

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With Love
Jeff aka Ruth Utnage

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