Image After Image…

I follow the war in Ukraine pretty closely on the news and I’m heartbroken by image after image. Oddly, its atrocities are the only thing that all the media outlets can seem to agree on. The longer the war rages on, I find myself wondering, “What if Ukraine survives all of this? What could possibly be left?” Images of shattered cities, destruction on an incredible scale, make it unfathomable to consider the Ukrainian people just moving on if they can pull off a victory. Nothing will be the same again for them. Ever. The survivors of this war, from newborn to geriatric will be left with a lifetime of ruble to sort through.

I’m not a war hawk, but the more that Ukraine gets smashed to bits, the harder it will be to rebuild and I have to ask, “What are we waiting for? What is the world waiting for?” Shopping centers, hospitals, museums, schools… things I can identify and wrap my head around… all destroyed. And yet, the western world sits on our hands watching it happen to these western people. If Ukraine survives this carnage that’s been brought to them by a maniacal dictator, I hope the west will at least help in the rebuilding, moving broken brick by broken brick, sheepishly and shamefully, knowing if someone just did the right thing sooner, far less bricks would have been broken. But until that point, I guess we’ll just have to witness image after image…

by Rory Andes

When is “enough”, enough?

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