It has been a long road. When I came to prison in 2011, and even for the years leading up to my incarceration, I didn’t believe I was ever going home. I talked about it like I did, even made plans like I did, but deep down I thought I was going to die in prison.

But I’m not. I’m coming home and as soon as I understood that it felt like a weight lifted off of my spirit, like a tumor had been removed from my soul. I slept great finally, life got a little easier. Now I see joy in little things, like eating a jar of frosting…in the shower…with cookies and melted marshmallow…

Don’t judge me

College, here I come. Human Resources, here I come. Seattle, here I come. I am a mover and a go-getter, I am a fierce lioness who has learned to get her food and what feeds me is success.

If you’re ever going to contact me, now’s the time.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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