I am uncomfortable saying that name anymore, Trump. As a prisoner I am accutely aware of what political party has decreased or increased sentence lengths, who has what view on prison funding, LGBT rights, and most importantly- jobs. Will I be able to pursue my happiness upon release? That’s been my question, especially since I have began my education.

With stocks rising and the economy creating lots of business opportunities, it was hard for me to not think about that presidency in a favorable light. After all, I want to be happy, get paid well and pursue my own little slice of pie. The problem was my morals. Yeah, as a prisoner I have them.

I suppose without prison I might never would have truly defined my value system and morals. But being cast away from society has a way of making you think, at least for me. What I noticed was that while I was able to get a job and make money in the stock market, it was becoming more hostile for me as a trans person. And not just for me, I noticed that many Republican oriented personalities were becoming increasingly intolerant. This is at odds with my morals.

I had to decide if I was okay with pursuing my dreams if it meant I had to be silent in the face of racism, genderism, and general hate. The answer is a resounding and emphatic no. NO!

I am embarrassed that it took me so long to be courageous enough. But it did feel like I had to choose between my dreams and doing what I know is right. My dreams are to be wealthy enough to leave financial stability for my children, should they want that, and to be in a field where I can influence prisoner behavior, culture, and outcomes. That all felt very possible, maybe even easy under this presidency and it feels like I have had to walk away from that protect my morals.

And I’m at peace with that. I’d rather die a poor woman with my dignity, what little remains of it anyway, than to die wealthy and know I turned my back as people I loved were hurt.

I may be late, but I support most anyone but Trump or anyone in his dangerous and sycophantic cabinet.

With Love
Ruth Utnage
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