I do not wish to let you know my name at this moment. But I do know all of the writers and have spent a significant time with all of them to know them pretty well. In fact I had hours of conversations with them.
Valerie I do know you are Ruth’s mom(not biological) but still his mom.
I have reasons for not giving out my name and I promise to give you a reason at another date.
But as I promised you before that I will be decent and respectful on all my comments.
If if I disagree or have a different opinion.
Anyways, here is a good link from the USDA about product labeling. You can read it and share it with Ruth since you talk to him on the phone. This way he can feel better about those Fritos that was given to him and not worry that he is getting something that is going to kill him or that DOC doesn’t care.
He needs to remember that DOC doesn’t have to offer snack foods to inmates. They probably do get them because it is cost effective when they are past the Best Buy date.
When DOC feels like the public is misinformed or inmates are being difficult, they could just cut out offering snack foods. Let’s not offend the people who feeds the inmates.
Just saying.