It has been a long time since I began (my first blog, which was turned into in 2019). Over time I felt too limited by the label of lgbtq and support. HumanMe was and is a much better fit for my overall goal, which is clearly stated in our Mission Statement:

As a perseverant, self-developed and independent organization HumanMe helps create safer communities by educating leadership to recognize, embrace, and empower those who have chosen to positively change despite all forms of incarceration.

My vision for HumanMe is to create a nonprofit organization that provides a set of standards for incarcerated individuals to uphold to use their sentences for true rehabilitation. We will provide long-term mentorship for incarcerated individuals and eventually consulting and guidance for state run institutions to provide the environment necessary for students to learn as opposed to convicts to flourish.

In order to accomplish this we need a platform that is more comprehensive than a templated personal blog. We need something that we can grow into is opposed to outgrow before we even launch. This new platform will provide just that.

Some of the features that will be included are:

– Better mobile viewing
– Writer profiles
– Space for us to feature other organizations
– Videos and Podcasts
– Most popular/most viewed content
– Statistics
– How to help
– and much much more!

We are excited for this and hope that our evolution isn’t too much of an inconvenience and that you will continue to visit is often!

We will keep you updated often!

With Love

Ruth Utnage