I heard this posed as a question on the news recently and I wanted to answer it. Mainly because when I think about the pandemic I typically think about the negative. I believe in balance and the opposite of negative is positive.

Things I’ve re-prioritized because of the pandemic is mostly wrapped up in one, human connection. I have chosen brothers and sisters in and out of prison and the pandemic has separated me from all of them. I never took them for granted, but, I spent more time pre-pandemic thinking about how I’m going to buy my high rise penthouse in downtown Seattle instead of how I am going to show love to my family.

I’d say that’s the biggest one by far. Additionally I have re-prioritized finances. Keeping a stock of food and daily products is on my mind, as is extra money in my account in case I cannot work. I was quarantined for 15 days and lost a half of months pay, in a place where you only make $.65/hr…that’s a lot of money.

One last piece, help. I think about how I and others can work together to solve each others problems. Including others in my needs and asking to be included in theirs is important to me. Especially when those needs are attached to successes of some sort.

How about you?

With Love