Are humans not more valuable than ice cream?

If you’re looking for a specific time frame to say “I Iove you”, you’re not going to get that here. What you are going to get is a perspective on what I believe love means between 2 people and how NOT to regret saying it first.

I love flowers, the color purple, chocolate, and people. I love a lot of people, ideas, places, things. When you see a kitten it’s not so difficult to imagine saying “I wuv you” as you paw at its little kitten feet. Or seeing a pretty flower for the very first time and exclaiming “I LOVE THIS!” on first site. If we can instantly fall in love with inanimate objects and not fear exclaiming it in high pitched squealing voices of delight why are people different?

I love people. I can’t help it. I see good in people because I understand what it means to have only your bad seen. I believe everyone deserves to be loved. Period. Why not say it? If I’m dating someone (scandal alert!!!, I am) I cannot imagine regretting saying I love you first because even if we break up, I still have some level of love for them on a human level and don’t regret that I do.

We can say I love you to people and the meaning deepens over time from a surfaced, but genuine, declaration to a deeper soulful connection. I’ll never regret that. Telling someone I love them is like providing water for someone’s soul. As humans we are scorched by sunlight of judgment and “I Love You” helps hydrate us all to sustain our rain forest of community. Rain forests can offer life in the hottest of climates.

Our community needs more love. It’s shouldn’t be scary to show care. It should be a pleasure, a joy. Commonplace and it sucks when you feel this deep longing for someone and you are afraid of saying “I Love You” but you have no problem using the gift of an “I love you” on a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

Are humans not more valuable than ice cream?

I’ll go first-

I Love You, and I will never regret saying it first.

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With Love