Higher education is so important to inmate change. I knew I wanted to make changes somehow. This site has served as a way for me to show a documented thought process. I have evolved in views, understanding, and opinions and continue to do so. A part of the evolution of anything is trial and error. I have tried many ideas out on social change and education has begun to show me a more pointed pathway to follow. 

I intend to end victimization and here is how I plan to do it:
1) I’m going to start a non profit business that builds a coalition of community organizations that are all working violence reduction tactics from different angles and for different demographics. 
2) As a coalition we will design a comprehensive action plan for each organization to accomplish their primary goal and objective. 
3) The organization will research, analyze, and template prior successful social movements so that we can use our history to see what worked to effect change and why, then use that intelligence to end violence, racism, and human-caused victimization.
4) Our primary objective is to end victimization globally. However, I intend to start locally and small to build reputation and confidence from my constituency. As we log success and effectiveness our social following will grow and, with it our ability to mobilize the community into specific action.
5) We will solve the problem of how to include outsiders and seemingly different groups in a cohesive unit working toward a goal.

If this sounds a little “kum-by-ya-ish” to you then you need to pay attention because this is not only possible, its already happening in our prison system. I have direct experience in uniting diverse groups of all mental capacities, backgrounds, intended outcomes, and inclusion aspects. I am good at reaching people on a one on one level and can teach others how to do it. I have drive, I I have the skills, and I have the plan.

What I need to accomplish this:

I need a board of directors that includes some financial backing, deep roots into our communities, able to locate funding, social media communications director

just to name a few. I need a primary Board with the intent of building an extended board and as we grow into other locations secondary boards with autonomous control in their districts. 

I need help designing this. I will be using a proven structure that operates globally, the Catholic church is a proven model for effective global management of an immense amount of locations and people. While we aren’t creating a religion we are seeking a reputable global presence that includes the populace with direct motivating incentives towards a common goal. 

What I need right now is constituents. I need someone who can assist in the planning process and begin creating an online presence and following. Best case scenario, this (these) person(s) could take our plan and mobilize the org. using me as a consultant until I release and can serve on the board legally.

What you get:
First, you’d be doing something to help people. Ending violence and victimization is a worthy cause. This methodology is getting the right intelligence to the right people and providing a proven structure for them. As each objective gets accomplished we would then absorb them into our organization. The structure we have can easily support them as an integrated division. 

Together we can make history, design our future, and influence our government. Its not just necessary, its entirely possible. 

Believe in me enough to contact me.

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