I am not as young as you probably think. I was born in the 70’s, but I remember none of it. Lol because I was only 1 year old. When I was born, I was pushing my head out, and I looked to see what time it was.. because I had shit to do. And it was like six a.m. who the hell wakes up that early? So then some douchebag slapped me in the face until I screamed! What kind of world was I becoming a part of? It was so confusing. Ever since that slap, I have never liked the mornings. And then I seen it.. Psychedelic posters, unshaved bush, and head lice.. Of course. I’m in the 70’s. I was sold.. I had milk on tap from a fresh pair of tits. My dad even had fresh milk on tap. There was a bit of jealousy there, but the world made sense. It was everything a grown baby could want…















































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